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If you are anything like me, you love the changing of the seasons. This is the time when you can dress up your house to match the given season. Spring lends itself to some fun, brightly colored décor options for your home. With that being said, I have been on the look out for some must have Spring décor items, mainly a wreath to brighten my apartment door. However, every time I have found a Spring wreath that I like, it was at the very least $40. This year I have challenged myself to not spend a lot of money and to do the look for less. After sadly walking away from many wreaths, it dawned on me, why couldn’t I make a wreath for less money? Well, that’s exactly what I did! I designed and made a wreath. Today I am going to demonstrate just how easy and economical it will be for you to do also.


I found the majority of my supplies at Joann Fabrics. However, stores such as the Dollar Tree and Michaels also have great selections of items you will need. The first thing I did was look for a wreath outline. At first I thought of doing the metal outline but came across a wreath base made out of wooden sticks. It was the exactly the rustic look I was going for. The price of the wreath base was only $6. I then proceeded to look for the flowers to put on my wreath. Let’s just say, I may have stayed a little too long debating what flowers to get (my poor friend Natalie who accompanied me was subjected to this endless pondering). Joann’s had an amazing selection of flowers, leaves, and other assortments to use in a wreath. They were having a sale of 40% off so I ended up getting the flowers comparable to the pricing at the Dollar Store. I ended up picking yellow, blue, and white flowers with green leaves for my Spring wreath. In all, I ended up spending around $15 for everything.

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Outline your wreath!

I love crafts and DIY projects, however, there have been many times I have had to redo things because I did not do an outline. At first it seems daunting to come up with a pattern for your wreath. If you are really not sure, I suggest googling other wreaths to get inspiration. Otherwise, just start organizing the flowers. The one thing you absolutely need is a wire cutter to be able to cut the flowers. I started my outline by first cutting a single strand of flowers and placing them on the wreath. From there I started cutting more and more of the variety of flowers I had. I really loved this process and had a lot of fun figuring out where every piece would fit, just like a puzzle. Once you start feeling confident of the outline, it is time to start gluing!



Secure the flowers!

I found that I could utilize the twigs in the wreath, by most of the time sticking a flower around a twig or in between a couple where I knew it could not fall off. Hot glue all the flowers onto the wreath, pressing on them firmly. Let the hot glue dry before moving onto the next flower. Once I had a solid base (in my case the yellow flowers), I concentrated on filling in any empty areas with the other items. I think the best wreaths are the ones that are not necessarily symmetrical. I think it adds more to the wreath and is not as boring to the eye. I played around with having clumps of blue flowers together and separate. I also did this with the leaves and mini white flowers.



After you are happy with your beautiful creation, make sure you waterproof it. Remember Spring does have its share of rainy days so protect your wreath. I just used a waterproof spray that you would use for shoes. It worked great and did not damage the flowers on the wreath.
Sof Sole Water Proofer, 7.5-Ounce

Show it off!

Once you are done, hang it up in your house or outside of your house and see how it looks! If changes are needed, just go back to your beginning steps and start again.


Enjoy your beautifully crafted wreath and take pleasure in that you did it yourself! You can make a wreath for every season without breaking the bank.

If wreath-making is not in your future, or for some great ideas, take a look at some of my favorites that I found online…

As Always,
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