Nick & Jen

Nick and Jen were the very first couple I worked with to create a wedding video for. They invited me to their special day and greeted me with open arms. Jen was so great at helping me with all the logistics of the day. We worked closely to make sure their day would be perfectly captured. Their love for each other is one of a kind and it was perfect that they were my first couple to film.

It was a beautiful day as I drove out to their location in Ellicottville, New York. The sun was shining and warmed up the June day. I arrived to Holiday Valley in the morning and went to meet Jen. She was there with Nick’s daughter who was excited for the day. Jen’s dress took my breath away with the beautiful jeweled detail on it mixed with the right amount of lace. Before putting her dress on, I went quickly to meet the groom and groomsmen as they waited for the day to start at the hotel’s bar they were staying in. There I filmed the loving moments between Nick and his son.

One of the things that I remember so vividly is filming the First Look. It was the first time Nick and Jen would see each other and they included his kids. What I loved the most was in this moment before the wedding, Nick, his children and Jen would spend time together before officially becoming a family. Here they showed their deep love for one another by reading letters they wrote to one another. All of the emotions captured tell just how much those words meant to all of them. We headed back to the main location to fully begin the wedding festivities. The reception was under a beautiful wooden enclosure, decorated by Jen with the colors she chose for her wedding all around. It was a lovely ceremony that turned into a fun evening celebrating the couple with cupcakes, good music, and sparklers.

I’m grateful for working with Jen and Nick for so many reasons. Of course because it was my first wedding video, but mostly because I left with my heart full of love and joy for the couple. Every time I watch this video, I can see the powerful connection that Nick and Jen have. I appreciate the friendship with them that developed out of this filming, as both Nick and Jen continue to be supportive and encouraging of me and my business. I wish nothing but the best for them and their family.


As Always,
Hannah Marie Tree

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