Christa & Pete

Every wedding that I film is a chance for me to meet new couples and their families. However, with this couple, Christa and Pete, I already knew the groom and his family well enough to consider them my own. I was approached to film this wedding by the groom’s sister, Hannah one of my very first friends. We met in preschool and instantly became great friends. I grew up with her and became close with her family. When Hannah approached me last year about filming her brother’s wedding, of course I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to film for her loving family and his beautiful bride.

What attracted me to Christa and Pete was their everlasting love for each other. Their history went back to years before their engagement. Although they spent some time apart after dating when they were younger, fate brought this couple back together and it was happily ever after. On July 8th, 2016 they tied the knot at the home of Pete’s grandmother’s house. Before them, many family members had gathered there for many other celebrations. This location was chosen to celebrate the weddings and good times previously spent there. The date also held a special place in their hearts as Christa’s grandparents were also married on that day years before. The whole ceremony was centered around loving family bonds and memories as they celebrated a new beginning for this couple

As the day went along, there were so many happy tears, laughs, and hugs as these two families joined together. Before their First Look, Christa and Pete both kept saying how much they could not wait to be together and enjoy their time before the ceremony. Christa and Pete spent the rest of their time holding hands and dancing the night away, never leaving each other’s side. The reception is one of my favorite parts of the video as the wedding party and guests danced to late 90’s music and sang their hearts out to songs from musicals.

Christa and Pete conveyed the most passion and romance during the shoot. There was no mistaking the connection these two had for each other as they expressed their love during their vows. They both can teach us a lesson on how fate truly exists and how love can bring out a glowing light in you. What can I say, it was one of those “Summer Nights.”

As Always,
Hannah Marie Tree

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