Jimmy & Brittany

Jimmy and Brittany were high school sweethearts that married on September 27, 2014. Their wedding ceremony was held in the ornate St. Mary of the Angels Church located in Olean, NY. This was the second wedding video I had the privilege of shooting and I am so glad I had the chance to do so.

Brittany spent the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids. I met her in the afternoon before the ceremony at her dance studio located right next door to the church. While there, we took pictures and recorded the girls relaxing before the ceremony. After that, we went outside to have the First Look. Jimmy stood above a hill waiting to see Brittany who stood at the bottom of the hill. When they finally saw each other, there were tears of joy and many laughs. They were more than excited to make this commitment and begin their life together.

The ceremony was beautiful and filled with music and inspiring words for the couple. My favorite shot of the day was when Brittany walked down the aisle as I stood behind her. The reception was held at a local restaurant up in the hills overlooking the valley. This weekend was the peak of the leaves changing on the trees, bright reds, oranges and yellows transformed the scenery. The night was full of homemade pie, family and friends, and dancing. It was truly a night to remember.

Jimmy and Brittany have a bond that has stood the test of time. They met within the church and were lucky enough to celebrate their marriage at the same place years later. The love they share is special and pure and will continue to last a lifetime.

As Always,
Hannah Marie Tree

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