Zach & Alicia

A beautiful Fall day, with the bright colors of autumn provided the backdrop to this Cuba Lake Wedding. Zach and Alicia could not have had a better day to celebrate their union with their two families. Their wedding took place on October 10, 2015.

Zach and Alicia were referred to me by my best friend, Natalie. When I first met Zach and Alicia, I instantly fell in love with them. I knew I would enjoy filming their wedding. The day of the wedding started out as I drove from my home to Cuba, NY admiring the Fall scenery on the hills. When I arrived at the lake house, I went inside to meet the girls. The boys were getting ready at another lake house across the lake from where the girls were.

Alicia’s dress was absolute perfection on her and her hair was in a beautiful updo. One of my favorite parts of this video was when Zach and Alicia opened the gifts that they gave to one another. Zach wrote Alicia a beautiful letter and surprised her with a diamond bracelet. Alicia gifted Zach with cufflinks and a pocket watch.

The ceremony took place in the afternoon. A violin played during the ceremony as Zach and Alicia devoted themselves to one another. The reception followed the ceremony, but first the bridal party took a short ride on a boat. Some of my favorite shots are of Zach and Alicia on the boat.

The reception took place within yards of the lake house. There were two tents decorated to perfection with sequined tablecloths, baby’s breath flowers, and a dance floor to get the party started. The party lasted the entire night as the couple and their new beginning together was celebrated.

Zach and Alicia could not keep their eyes off of one another the entire night. They spent the night smiling and laughing, enjoying their time together. Zach and Alicia exude a light that represents their love and warms people’s hearts – how magical!

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