Tylor & Kelsey

Tylor and Kelsey are high school sweethearts who have the deepest love for each other. Their vows explain how they met for the first time and how after 7 years they have continued to grow together as a couple. I have known Tylor and Kelsey for years and have witnessed their love blossom. When they asked me to film their wedding, I was so grateful. They are not only the cutest couple, but they are so caring and loving to everyone around them. They truly deserve the love they share.

I love the transition shots in the video, alternately showing Kelsey and Tylor getting ready at their respective houses. Kelsey got ready at her parent’s house whereas Tylor got ready at the home they share. They both were surrounded by their friends and families while they got dressed for the day. One of my favorite shots from the video is of Kelsey and her Dad seeing one another for the first time. Their emotions are so touching as they greet each other.

The wedding was held at Pfieffer Nature Center, located in Portville, New York. This ceremony was unlike anything I had experienced before. After the bridal party made their entrance down the aisle, Kelsey and her Dad shot off a firework from across the way in a field. They emerged from the field in Kelsey’s Dad’s jeep and drove up to the ceremony – a big way to make an entrance. 

As soon as Tylor saw Kelsey, he was overcome with emotions. Kelsey and her Dad exchanged smiles and laughs as they made their way down the aisle. The ceremony is where Kelsey and Tylor shared their heartfelt vows that brought the room to tears.

The reception was held at a local community center and what a good time it was! From the moment Tylor and Kelsey made their entrance as a married couple at the reception, the dancing started and didn’t end until late in the night. Tylor and Kelsey have a supportive circle of friends and family and it made the reception a great time.

The Father and Daughter dance included a surprise dance that was hilarious. They had an ice cream bar in honor of Tylor’s Dad. Little did the guests know that Tylor and Kelsey had a bigger surprise for them waiting outside. Once everyone was outside, the fireworks show began and the sky was illuminated with rich colors. 

Tylor and Kelsey truly are best friends. Because of this friendship, they have the strongest bond that is visible to everyone around them. There is not a doubt in my mind that this relationship will lead them to amazing places. They have found their home in one another.

As Always,
Hannah Marie Tree

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